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Hello. I am not entirely certain that this is the right place for me, but it never hurts to explore.

I am 31 years old and have been bulimic for 16 years. I desperately want to stop. Let me repeat that... I DESPERATELY WANT TO STOP. It has robbed me of a meaningful life. I have never been able to hold a job, I lost a great deal of my hair, I have been in far too many hospitals and on far too many meds. I am consumed by thoughts of binging and for the most part, I find myself giving in to this vile eating disorder. I am too old for this. I am a type 1 diabetic (just to make things worse) so, the binging elevates my glucose to dangerous levels and the purging lowers it to dangerous levels. I went into diabetic ketoacidosis a couple of months ago and nearly died... I was pregnant at the time and was unable to maintain my pregnancy... thus losing my very much wanted first born. My marriage is also suffering because of this eating disorder that I am a slave to. I have outgrown all of my pro ed desires, but I certainly remember what is was like to have them and greatly empathize.

Well, I shall wait to see what this community is like and if there is a place for me within it. My very best to all of you.

"Good night and thank you" ~Morrissey
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