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Ok, so I see this community hasn't been active in a while. In all honesty, I'm too bloody lazy to set up my own 30+ endos community, so I hope I can somehow jump-start this one. I hope more of you 25 or 30 or overs join for support.

I'm 36, I've had eating disorders probably since I was 9, but it started getting out of hand at age 14. I've been battling ever since. I'd been in and out of hospital in my teens, somehow maintained a normal weight in my early 20s, but then gained 70+ lbs. during my pregnancy. Lost control for several years, weight up, weight down, weight up, weight down. This past year it's been the heighest I think I've ever been.

Well, anyway, in 13 weeks, I have lost 28.5 lbs. I still have a ways to go.

I have little in common with a lot of the girls on the other ednos communities, simply cos they're mostly teens and, well, been there, done that. I can't possibily be the only 30+ woman with an eating disorder. So, if you're out there...get in touch. And/or join this community.

That's all for now.
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